Current Patients:

If your provider ordered PancreasDx for you, check your email for instructions to login into ARIEL's patient portal.


Diagnosing and managing complex chronic disorders is difficult. Symptoms at the early stages of many diseases are often very similar. This overlap can make it difficult for you and your healthcare team. In some diseases, only when complications happen can a diagnosis be made with certainty. In complex disorders, like pancreatitis, many factors contribute to the disease. These factors include genetic causes, environmental factors like tobacco or alcohol, medications and many other things. Figuring out what is the cause of your symptoms and how best to treat it can be hard with all of this information.

ARIEL is here to help you and your healthcare team sort out all of this information. ARIEL's approach uses genetic testing combined with your medical history to help understand your symptoms.

Our process begins with your physician ordering a testing kit to your home. Detailed instructions help you return the saliva based kit to our lab. We will ask you and your healthcare team to provide us with information about your medical history through our secure online system. This information is critical to understanding the results of your disease specific genetic testing.

Talk to you doctor to see if ARIEL might be a solution for you.